safe trestles

vanaf strand vanaf hoofdroute vanf parkeerplaats sunset vanuit trainBoardbridge

Two official entrees, flooding marshes and a speeding train can not withhold 100,000 enthusiasts to pass through this unique ecology yearly. Two groups have different interests, the first favour a direct connection between parking and beach, the latter prefers a relaxed stroll, enjoying spectacular views and enhancing their knowledge on history and local ecosystems.
‘Heavy’ traffic using the middle route is lifted from the lagoon to create a buffering distance. By contrast the quiet westerly route gradually slopes down to marsh level to be able to study it from close by and the eastern passage lifts to bluff level for spectacular vistas over all of Trestles.
Both outside routes twist and loop to change the viewers perspective continually and focus on many different spots. Some bright blue have signs attached to them, providing information on these historical, cultural and ecological highlights. By having the paths cross, split or join at equal level, though, they can interact, meet and walk along. This provides enough length for the routes to be completely accessible. They are supported by (recycled) wooden poles, spanning between them are steel cables, with attached to them the wooden top deck. By using a watertight textile which also spans under the routes, water is collected. Naturally drawn by gravity, the water is collected at the beach exit. Yearly, the capacity could provide for 30.000 showers!
All three routes join at the beach entry. This is where the restrooms and showers are situated. In a short period of time, nature will be able to recapture it’s ground, reconnect and start to inhabit it’s peaceful renewed environment. Imagining the outside paths as ‘rails’ and the busy middle route as the ‘backbone’ of a surfboard, one can recognize an elegant white graphic, ‘framing’ the vulnerable green.

California – competition – 2011

in collaboration with ateljvb