table of elements

L104073013-table-of-elements-detailL1040605table of elements anim14-table-of-elements-the-real-thingIt took a CNC milling machine less than 25 minutes to cut the 5 parts from a single sheet of mdf. The CNC accuracy is so high, that the table could be assembled in the minute after the machine was finished without needing glue or screw.

This makes the table easy to (dis)assemble, transport
and store, while production requires minimum energy and resources. The non-symmetrical and interlocking design makes the table stable in all directions.

Material: cut from single piece of mdf board, laquer coating, whole made of untreated wood optionally
Colours: basic yellow+white, more colors to come and vary with
Dimension: diameter 29,5” (1200mm) height 47,2” (750mm) thickness 1,2” (30mm)